color me RED!

Greetings For Curls Sake peeps!!! Long time no speak, write, etc.!

I’ve recently been adapting to some new and awesome endeavors in my life so I took a bit of a break to allow for a smoother transition! BUT I haven’t forgotten you all! In fact, I feel so inspired to cover/update some new blog material for the upcoming months/new year!

Color me RedSo what’s new? The biggest hair update for me would be my new hair color.  Last month (October) I celebrated my 26th birthday and decided I was ready to re-dye my hair.  Last time I had my hair colored was January 2013 at a hair salon in Allentown, PA called Nappy by Choice.  My former color was red as well but much darker, more visible in the sunlight.  It was the first time I had any kind of chemical process done to my hair so I was very apprehensive and cautious to not do too much my first time around (while still trying something new lol).

This time I went for a bolder, brighter, vivacious red with copper undertones and HUNTY let me tell you—I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is soooooooooo me! lol I got my color done by the wonderfully talented and beautifully-spirited @Rimmy Sparkles (FB, IG) at the Duafe Holistic Hair Care Salon in Philly.  In the past, I haven’t had good hair salon experiences.  In fact, I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve gone to a hair salon all my life. lol Since I began to really dedicate myself to being natural, I had only found one another stylist that I trusted with my hair.  Unfortunately, I moved away and it took me a year to find one out here in Philly but it was a great experience and Rimmy did me proud and she’s hair to stay!

Here’s a couple of questions/answers to my hair color experience that I figured you may have.  If you have any more, please let me know!

1. What is the name/address of the salon you went to?

Duafe Holistic Hair Care Salon
3129 N. 22nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19129
2. What color did you use?  
As I got the color done in the salon, I’m not really sure of the name or brand.  All I know is it’s red with copper undertones.
3. How did you know what color you wanted?
 I went to the salon with pictures of natural haired beauties that I had researched prior to coming in for my appointment.  The photos reflected girls with natural hair that had the color I wanted.  I had also reached out to Rimmy prior to my actual salon appointment.
4. Since your hair color, have you experienced any hair texture alterations or issues with your hair in general?
 No, I haven’t.  I attribute this to the fact that I was prepared for the color process.  I waited a little over a year to color my hair this second time so there wasn’t much stress or strain to my hair.  Also, I make sure that I moisturize my hair as needed.  Deep conditioning is a MUST–especially now! My hair is not dry, even the colored part but as I said I make sure I keep up with moisturizing it since it’s gone through this chemical process and the seasons are changing.
5.  Has the color changed since you first got it dyed?
 Since I’ve got it dyed, I’ve washed it once (using a color safe, sulfate free shampoo) and I noticed the color is not as bright as when it was first colored.  However, it is still really bright.  lol I know this isn’t a helpful description but if you head on over to my instagram profile (@forcurlssake) you may notice what I mean.  The color is still really visible, bright and red–I have just noticed some burgundy undertones with the original copper ones.  I’m loving it even more!
6. Did you bleach your hair?
 My hair is not bleached! That’s what makes it even better!
7. Do you plan to color your hair again?
 Because I am really loving being a redhead, I do believe that I will revisit coloring it again.  I know it would be safest to wait at least a year but it all depends on if I like the color it fades into.  At the earliest, I would re-color it at my 6 month mark.
8. Is it a rinse or a permanent dye?
9. Did you dye your entire head?

No, I like the look of having two-tones so I only had the top half of my head dyed and left the rest of my hair my natural color.

That’s all for now curlfriends! I am really working on focusing and balancing all my new responsibilities (including recording some new videos for you all).  Please be patient with me!



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