FAQ | The Goddess Locs Edition

Back like I never left! Even though I did, YIKES! Being a graduate student, working full-time, being a new wife, family, life in general, etc. IT BE HARD! LOL (that poor grammar was very intentional) Anywhoo, I’m here now and still appreciative for anyone of you that have stuck this blogging journey out with me.  Without further ado, here’s a glimpse of what has been up with my hair!


Right after my wedding in May 2016, I got faux goddess locs installed in my hair by @live_love_loc. Like literally, RIGHT AFTER! Like a day before departing for my honeymoon.  Like we finished installing them 3 hours before our departing flight! BUT! It was WELL WORTH IT because I was able to keep those suckers in until September 2016, aka 3.5 months! That was my longest duration with a protective style but it was overall a great experience.

You can imagine all of the juicy details I have to say about my experience with these locs for all this time–not to mention all of the questions that I received regarding maintenance, styling, etc. So, I compiled all of your questions together and filmed a video for you all as a reference point in case you wanted to try it out for yourself!

b_kld24_loosedeep24_main_500Before you watch, I wanted to also include the details of the hair I used to achieve this style in this post so you have something to take with you in your local beauty supply stores. lol I used the 24-inch Freetress Loose Deep Curl synthetic braiding hair in color 1 (black).



This hair was then braided into my hair  so that each braid could be wrapped with Marley hair.  The Marley hair that was used to wrap each braid was the 16-inch Cuban Twist hair, also in color 1 (black).


There you have it! Please let me know if you have any further questions.  Otherwise, please click below and enjoy.

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Catch you all soon! xo






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