Scalp Health: Ditch the Itch!

Hey girls…and a few guys! ūüôā Even though winter is on its way out the door, you may have noticed that moisture retention is tr√®s important, season to season–especially with the weather’s bipolar nature!  A lot of times, we (MYSELF INCLUDED) spend ample time taking care of our hair, neglecting its origins–the scalp! In other words, moisturizing the hair is just as important as moisturizing the scalp–the two are synonymous as they work together to help sustain healthy hair growth/maintenance. Since this is an intricate and highly-questioned topic, it might be easier to divvy out our discussion to give it some structure. Continue reading


Braid-out 101

Hey curlies!

I get so many questions regarding my technique and product application for one of my signature styles–the braid-out. ¬†Braid-outs are especially my favorite because it’s a healthy way of combatting shrinkage without heat while stylin’ and profilin’ with lots of volume and definition! In this video, I take you through my braid-out process from start to finish.

Oh and feel free to leave the braids in as long as you’d like–I just kept them in for 14 hours-ish (lol) but you can really get away with leaving it in for less or more time. ¬†Friendly tip: The more time you keep your braids in, the better chance you have with lasting definition for this style.

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FAQ | The Goddess Locs Edition

Back like I never left! Even though I did, YIKES!¬†Being a graduate student, working full-time, being a new wife, family, life in general, etc. IT BE HARD! LOL (that poor grammar was very intentional) Anywhoo, I’m here now and still appreciative for anyone of you that have stuck this blogging journey out with me. ¬†Without further ado,¬†here’s a glimpse of what has been up with my hair!


Right after my wedding in May 2016, I got faux goddess locs installed in my hair by @live_love_loc. Like literally, RIGHT AFTER! Like a day before departing for my honeymoon.  Like we finished installing them 3 hours before our departing flight! BUT! It was WELL WORTH IT because I was able to keep those suckers in until September 2016, aka 3.5 months! That was my longest duration with a protective style but it was overall a great experience.

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Favorite Products for Natural Hair

Hi there, hey there! =)

I’m back in front of the camera and promising to get better at recording on a consistent basis, in spite of my busy schedule! =) Here’s a list of the products that I am currently using as part of my hair regimen. ¬†Keep in mind that not all of these products are completely natural.¬†=)¬†

Special thank you and shout out to Zaynah Beth and Ricky Codio of The Mannequin Factory for the making of this video!

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5 Ways to BEAT the BREAK!

Are you experiencing breakage? Unfortunately, breakage is not entirely uncommon even on the HEALTHIEST head of hair–especially for curly-haired folks! Throughout¬†the years, I’ve personally struggled with breakage at the nape of my neck, severe split ends throughout my head and currently– at the crown of my head (faintly). However, each time I notice any hint of breakage here’s some tips that have effectively remedied my breakage and nourished my hair back to health.

water_droplets_on_blue_backdrop__13493314941. MOISTURE 101

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. ¬†But really, moisturizing your hair regularly (as needed)¬†is a key secret to preventing breakage. ¬†Just think, when plants are not watered, they are depleted of their strength¬†and they begin to wither and dry up. This makes them susceptible to snapping and breaking.

This is similar to our hair. ¬†If you typically do not drink enough¬†water¬†or use enough water in your hair when styling–your hair is more prone to snapping and breaking. ¬†How do you moisturize? Simply get a spray bottle and add some water to it and you’re good to go. ¬†If you want, feel free to add other ingredients to your spray bottle like oils or conditioners. ¬†You can also make it a point to use more water-based products. ¬†What are those? They’re products with water as the first ingredient. Lastly, after spraying water, a water mixture or using a water-based product on your hair, don’t forget to follow-up with an oil or butter to seal your hair cuticle of that moisture you just added. ¬†OIL OR BUTTERS ALONE ARE NOT MOISTURIZING TOWARDS THE HAIR–they are most effective when applied¬†after water or water-based products are used to help lock in that moisture!

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4 Myths about going Natural

Hey curls and frolistas!

Thinking of becoming natural or just started your natural hair journey? Congrats! I can say from experience that it’s a journey that you won’t regret. ¬†I’m sure you hear so many opinions when you hear someone is natural. I’m here to share that they’re not all true. ¬†Of course, everyone’s entitled their perception and personal experiences but most of my commitment as a natural hair blogger is to share with you all my truth and my personal journey. So…let’s talk and delve into those myths of going natural!

MYTH #1: ¬†“Being natural is hard….”

In my opinion, being natural isn’t hard at all. ¬†People see my length, texture and density and they automatically ask me how I do it because it’s so hard! Well curlies, I don’t think that the issue is how difficult it is to manage our hair; instead, I think it’s because it’s simply uncommon nature to us–especially, for some of us have been solely dependent on straightening or perming our hair all our lives to be able to deal with it. ¬†Some of our journeys include years of protective styling with weaves or extensions…surely, there’s nothing wrong with this! However, it’s what we are used to. ¬†We don’t know any other way of caring for our natural hair so when we finally dive in it appears hard, tedious or impossible. ¬†What’s the trick? Simply put, the trick is to keep at it! Don’t give up on your journey and don’t give up on your hair. ¬†You owe it to yourself to be patient, keep learning and embracing this process of loving you. ¬†And of course…with time, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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color me RED!

Greetings For Curls Sake peeps!!! Long time no speak, write, etc.!

I’ve recently been adapting to some new and awesome endeavors in my life so I took a bit of a break to allow for a smoother transition! BUT I haven’t forgotten you all! In fact, I feel so inspired to cover/update some new blog material for the upcoming months/new year!

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Summer Recap: All good things…

…must come to an end.¬†Summer came and is on its way out the door but I didn’t want it all to end without updating you on what my summer was like! At the beginning of the year, I made a goal for myself to branch out and attend at least 3 natural hair events for the entire year so that I can meet you all and learn more about networking with naturalistas! Well, thankfully I was able to exceed that goal in one season and I know that it doesn’t stop here!

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The Co-Wash Controversy

Okay so here’s my disclaimer: I am NOT completely opposed to the idea of co-washing. ¬†I think it can be a very helpful cleansing method and it’s actually a method that I’ve adopted into my regimen every now and then. ¬†However, the topic of co-washing seems to be a touchy subject matter in the natural hair community. ¬†So, to co-wash or not to co-wash…tis the question. Continue reading

Struggle Curls: 6 tips to Heat Damage Recovery!

Hey there! Has heat damage plagued your natural curl pattern? Trust me, you are not the only one! I, too, am a recovering heat damage victim. lol Even though I’ve never had a perm, there was definitely a time when I was straightening my hair way too often. ¬†This is especially true when I had bangs (side-swept and straight across my forehead)–at that point I was straightening the front of my hair 2-3 times a day to keep it sleek! Hot mess city!!! =\ You can imagine what my natural hair looked like. Continue reading