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My name is Geraldine (although many of you know me by SoLo or Geri). Let’s see,  currently I am residing in Philadelphia, PA but I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and have lived in the Poconos, as well.  I share a love for God, music, poetry, family and recently…natural hair.  While I embrace my natural hair, my journey is quite unique from most as I was always natural.  That’s right, I have never had a relaxer, perm, etc.  In fact, until several months ago, I had never colored my hair or wore extensions either.

Now, my hair is not completely virgin territory because I did spend years flat ironing my hair to a frenzy! Although it was always a sleek finish, my curls did suffer from my “I gotta flatten my hair 3 times a day to make sure it stays in place” habits. lol As a result, I have experienced moderate heat damage to certain areas of my hair.  My heat damage is no longer noticeable to the visible eye, but because I believe that hair can never truly be in “perfect health”–I still make it a point to work on it.

Altogether, my “transitioning period” began when I decided that I was going to straighten my hair less and take the time to learn more about my hair’s tendencies and strengths.  My mission was for me to develop a hair regimen that was conducive to my availability and capabilities. Meaning, I am a very busy young woman who lives on the go so it is important to me that I continue to learn ways to keep my hair healthy in a timely manner. I won’t lie to you, this journey of mine has not been easy…at all. lol However, it has always been worth it. Thus, I have created this blog as a way to answer all of your questions and share with you my natural hair experiences.  Please understand, I am not a hair guru, expert, beautician, etc.  I am only confident of my own hair journey so I hope that whatever I share with you, is useful to you as well.  Remember ladies, natural is not only beautiful but it is generous and fruitful. As you learn more, pay it forward…



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