Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been natural?

A. I’ve been natural all my life; however, I began reducing the amount of heat I use on my hair on a regular basis approximately 5 years ago.       
Q. What is your hair type?
A. As you may already know, there is really no such thing as a uniform curl pattern throughout a curly girl’s hair.  That being said, I have several different textures throughout my head (some looser than others).  For the most part I have 3c, 4a curls.  
Q. What products do you use to stimulate hair growth?
A. I am a firm believer that there is no magic product that will make your hair grow miraculously. Just like anything, growing natural hair takes time, patience and consistency.  That being said, I use a variety of products consistently in my hair regimen that has helped me to retain length. These products can be found in the “My Regimen” section of this site under the “Explore” tab.
Q. What is your ethnicity?
A. Haitian!
Q. Do you straighten your hair?
A. Yes, I straighten my hair 1-3 times a year.


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