Regimen & Products

Here’s a list of my current products that I use consistently in my regimen.  =)


6 thoughts on “Regimen & Products

  1. Janet says:

    Can’t wait to receive your updates. I think my hair has been getting stronger…I look forward to your tips for maintenance in this winter


  2. Jodi Seymour says:

    So excited you’re back!! I need all the help I can get cause I have no idea what im doing with my hair 😄 Couple questions if you don’t mind:
    -What’s your daily hair regimen like?
    -If your hair is in a protective style like cornrows or braids, how often do you moisturize? I keep reading conflicting articles about moisturizing and over-moisturizing.
    -What’s your wash day regimen like? How often do you ash your hair?

    Just noticed how many questions I bombarded you with…..

    Excited for the blog 😄

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    • forcurlssake says:

      Awww thanks Jodi!!! ❤

      My daily hair regimen really depends on my hairstyle for the day which could be a bun, twisting up my hair into a protective style, roll tuck and pin protective hairstyles, etc. No matter what I'm doing I at least make sure that I'm checking how dry my hair is and if it is, I definitely mist with water to moisturize and follow up with a water-based moisturizer and oil to seal. So in short, I moisturize as often as my hair needs it (which is 1-3 days depending on how dry the air is).
      My wash day regimen consists of defanging before with an oil and conditioner, shampooing, deep conditioning or protein treatment and then a leave-in conditioner and oil. Then I style. All of these steps are done with the products in the video. I wash my hair every 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am. Lol


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